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GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery]

GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery] GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery] GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery]
GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery] GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery] GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION MS-06S ZAKU II [April 2018 Delivery]
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: 2018/04/25
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Product Detail

"Take a nap" GUNDAM HEAD CUSHION series is motivated by 4 mobile suits with its characteristic head from "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM". The cushions are slightly elastic, which is perfect for users to take a nap on it. In addition, the symbolic cute design make the cushions look funny.

<MS-06 ZAKU II> (*Sold Out)
The famous mobile suit in the Principality of Zeon. ZAKU has become a cute cushion with a humourous mono-eye. You are free to hug it or sit on it.

Char Aznable's mobile suit. The cushion is dyed with red colour.
The horn is also made of cushion materials. It may not be as comfortable as "MS-06 ZAKU II", but it must look smarter than it.

<MS-07 GOUF> (*Sold Out)
Gouf's famous pilot Ramba Ral always said "It is different from Zaku!!" Thus, we dyed the cushion with sharp blue, places the horn and the pipes different from Zaku.

<MS-09 DOM> (*Sold Out)
The Dom's most famous pilots were the Black Tri-Stars, team Gaia, Ortega, and Mash. This item is motivated by Gaia's famous words "Don't take me as footboard!?". It is hoped that this item let you relax by laughing at this joke.

【Product Information】
Head Cushion 1 piece

【Material Used】

【Target Age】
15 & UP

【Product Size】
MS-06 ZAKU II:Around H23×W43×D40 cm (*Sold Out)
MS-06S ZAKU II:Around H38×W43×D40 cm
MS-07 GOUF: Around H38×W43×D40 cm (*Sold Out)
MS-09 DOM: AroundH27×W40×D34 cm (*Sold Out)

【Country of Origin】

※The embroidery logo at the bottom part of "MS-06S ZAKU II" is different from the cushion selling at "GUNDAM FRONT TOKYO" in Japan.
※We will stop the pre-order once we have reached a certain quantity. There is a chance for re-order if the response is better than expected.
※Item content and delivery month may change without individual notice.
※Product is under development, image shown is for reference only. Actual product may vary.

※This product is also avaiable in other countries.



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