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User Agreement

PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore: User Agreement

The User Agreement (hereafter “Agreement”) for website Premium BANDAI (hereafter “Premium BANDAI”) operated by BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE LTD (hereafter “Company”) is stipulated as follows. This governs your use of this website and your access to our services. By entering into browsing, using this site or access to this services related to this site, you acknowledge that you had thoroughly read, understood and signify your agreement to the terms and conditions hereunder, and you are legally bound to a legally enforceable agreement within the company. If you are individual under the age of majority, you should seek for the consent from your parents or guardians. Any individual / corporate aged 18 or above wish to purchase our products through this site require registering as a Premium Bandai member, whilst minors shall require parental consent before registering as a member.


Part 1: General Provision

Article 1: Definition

“Agreement” or “Terms and Conditions” refers to these terms and conditions that shall govern the relationship between the user and the Company with respect to this website, except as otherwise specifically provided for or amended from time to time.

“Member” refers to user who has agreed to the T&C and applied for membership registration according to the procedures as set out by the Company, and thereof approved by the Company.

“Service” refers to the service, information or function such as product information, product sales, membership privilege and any content shown on the shopping portal site “PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore” available to the User.

“User” refers to any individual/corporate, regardless of age, access to this website.

Article 2: Amendment

The Company reserves the right to amend this Agreement or this terms and conditions at any time. Any amendments shall be effective immediately upon notification is made on the website. Your continued use of this portal site and the Service following such notification is deemed to be the acceptance of the amendments made.

Article 3: Rights and Obligations

The Company is obliged to maintain a normal operating online platform based on the current technology, and strives to enhance and improve the technology so as to provide a smooth online shopping experience to our User.

For any problems encountered by User in the course of registration and its reflection, the Company will provide a prompt response.

For any improper conduct of User on PREMIUM BANDAI online platform or in any circumstances the Company considers termination of Service is necessary, we are entitled to remove any relevant information at any time and cease the provision of Service without User’s prior consent.

The Company has the final and absolute discretion in any matter in connection with or arising out of any activities of PREMIUM BANDAI and/or prize.

The Company may adjust the prices, withdraw, limit or suspend the products, Service or adjust the offer period at its sole discretion at any time without prior notice.

The Company may cancel or reject any order, freeze or close a Member account at any time for any reason.

Article 4: Website content and ownership

This portal site contains variety of data or information (“Website Content”), including but not limited to information or data relating to the Company, materials or items from the Premium BANDAI or similar items or materials from our business partners, licensors and other third parties; and they exist in variety of forms including but not limited to texts, images, scripts, graphics, photographs, audio clips, sounds, music, videos, illustrations and any copyrightable materials.

All Website Contents are the property belonged to and owned by the Company; and the Company shall have all right, title and interest in and to the content.

Article 5: Using this Website

You are strictly prohibited from:-
• Using this website or our Service available at this website if you fail to have the consent from your parent or guardian as a minor.
• Violating any laws, third party rights, or our policies
• Taking any action that may undermine the operation of the website, including but not limited to cause temporarily or indefinitely suspension of the website or service of the website or unreasonably or disproportionately large load on our website.
• Putting any false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, or libelous content.
• Distributing spams, viruses or any other technologies that may harm or cause interference to the website, or harm the interests of Users of the website.
• Manipulating our product selling, billing or invoicing process or fees owed to the Company.
• Copying, modifying or distributing the website content or using the Company’s intellectual properties without prior approval or authorization from the Company.
• Retrieving, collecting information about Users’ information.
• Transferring your Member account to another party without the Company's consent.
• Any individual creating more than one Member account in order to circumvent or avoid purchase limits or restrictions.
• Bypassing or exclude or any measures that may use to prevent or restrict access to the website.

The Company would make all reasonable efforts to keep the website and Services provided working properly and safe. We reserve our right to limit, suspend our website content and prohibit access to the site or content if we have reasonable belief that User or the Company may create problems or possible legal liabilities causing harm to the User, the Company or infringing the third parties.

Article 6: Using the data of information

Data refers to the characters and design, as well as charts, video, music, sound, text, games and programs etc. are entirely protected by copyright law (or neighboring rights) and are the property of the Company, or the copyright owners.

All Data is only allowed downloading under the following conditions:-
1. Only when the purpose of use is for non-profit, non-commercial and personal reasons.
2. Only for home-use or use within the household, for a single computer and a single copy.
3. Only when all the copyrights, trademarks or other rights displayed is shown on the preserved data.
You are strictly prohibited from:-

1. Installing the downloaded data to another computer.
2. Copying, revising, editing the downloaded data, or distributing, selling, reverse engineering, decompiling, de-assembling or transferring to other readable formats. For example, such acts include altering the data of downloaded characters, uploading the data on your own website, printing and distributing it to others.

The use of downloaded data is only allowed within the permitted non-exclusive condition, and is not accountable for the transfer of rights.
If violate any conditions as stated above, the Company has the right to cancel permission for using the data. In which case, the use of data will immediately be suspended, and all downloaded data and copies will be erased.

Regardless of whether the Company cancels its permission of use, if the data is used without the Company's permission (otherwise approved under copyright law) or aside from personal use, the User may have violated the copyright (or neighboring rights) of the Company or any third party. You are reminded that violation of copyright is illegal, and not only will the User be filed for suspension for violating the rights of the holder or owner, but will be subject to strict critical penalty according to the related law or regulation.

The PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore is based out of Japan but is protected by domestic laws, such as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the Universal Copyright Convention, in overseas countries where the PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore is provided.
Illegal use of data overseas will still infringe on copyright law.

Article 7: Restrictions on the forum

This website may have installed for exchanging information between Users or between the User and administrator based on the purpose of each site. Therefore, writing on the following topics and expressions is not permitted. If BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE LTD sees that what is written on the forum are of those topics impermissible, the topics will be deleted without notice.
Topics not permitted shall include:-
1. Topics and expressions slandering the third party or disrespectful.
2. Topics and expressions deemed obscene, criminal or political.
3. Topics and expressions violating public disorder and standards of decency.
4. Topics and expressions violating the privacy of others.
5. Topics and expressions harming social honor and trust of others.
6. Posting of private information such as address, name, phone number and e-mail address.
7. Topics and expressions political or religious, or those in this manner.
8. Other topics and expressions BANDAI judges as inappropriate to the purpose of the forum.

Article 8: Copyright

All materials, information and data available on this website, including but not limited to photographs and textual materials, video, audio, and other information and database, are owned by BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. and its parent company, its affiliates, its subsidiaries and/or related copyright owners. Unauthorized reproduction, republication, distribution, or other use of all or part of any document is strictly prohibited.

Users shall not act in a manner which would likely to cause confusion amongst consumers, or in any demeaning or defamatory way on the products or Service related to the website. The Trademarks used on the site may not belong to the Company and may be the property of trademark owners who are not associated with the Company or sponsored by the Company. With no prior written approval from the trademark owner or the Company, all information on the website should not be construed as acquiescence or otherwise authorized any rights to use the trademark on the website.

All information or data available in this website is subject to copyright protection and are maintained by the Company, its parent company, its affiliates, its subsidiaries and its associated companies.

Users may view, print and download the contents for personal use only and the contents must not be used for any commercial or profitable purposes. The materials on this website or any part of it are not to be incorporated or distributed in any work or in any publication in any form without the permission of BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE LTD.

The Company reserves the right to use the photos or videos provided or resided on the website during any event or any promotional and marketing activities in order to advertise PREMIUM BANDAI or related activities of PREMIUM BANDAI.

Unless with the Member’s prior written notice of her desire of not giving consent to the Company, otherwise any Member upon successful registration shall be deemed to have authorized the Company to use and publish their names, provide and place the photos on web pages and to broadcast the video containing its name or photo (included in the website and television programs, commercials published) to promote PREMIUM BANDAI and its activities without any remuneration to be paid for such use.

Article 9: Privacy Policy

1. This Company is committed to protecting the safety of personal information in compliance with the applicable laws.
<Personal Information Collection Statement> and <Privacy Policy Statement>
2. All personal information collected from members, shall be used by the Company, its parent company, subsidiary, and other related company for the purpose of provision of Service. Our company policy is to retain members’ personal information so that we may contact with you and for the purpose of marketing and promotion of future product, statistics, survey, direct marketing or innovation of future product (the “Purpose of use”) throughout the membership period. The Company will strive to protect the personal information of our customer. To prevent any access or disclosure of personal information by any unauthorized person, our Company implements an appropriate security practice, electronics and management procedure in order to protect and secure all information collected from the internet. In pursuant of Personal Data Protection Act, Member have right to request access and correction of the personal information. If members wish to exercise such right, please write to PREMIUM BANDAI customer service. All personal information collected may be transferred to our parent company, subsidiary or related company and any companies under contract to provide costume and all purpose of use is limited to the Purpose of use.
3. The Company will only collect personal information by an appropriate and legitimate way and not collect the same by any illegal mean. In case of the Purpose of use beyond the scope, the Company will inform Member of such change and only after obtaining consent from Member will the Company uses the same.
4. The Company will implement appropriate measure to avoid the occurrence of unauthorized access, loss, damage, modification without authority, and disclosure of personal information.
5. When processing personal information, the Company will conclude all necessary contract with engaged company and check the process with scrutiny and take security measure to ensure that personal information collected from Member will only be used according to the agreed Purpose of use and not be unauthorized accessed and disclosed.
6. For any request of disclosure, correction, suspension and deletion of personal information of member, the Company will conduct an identification check prior to processing your request.
7. Except in the following circumstances, the Company will not disclose any personal information:
(1) Obtaining consent from Member.
(2) Personal information is disclosed in an anonymous and unidentified way (for instance in the form of statistic).
(3) Subject to court’s order or request from government;
(4) Order processing, product delivery, credit card payment, system application and collecting questionnaire (for instance outsourcing work to other institutions)
8. Only after entering into a confidentiality agreement, the engaged company in relation to this Service will perform the job.
9. The Company will continuously review and improve its policy in order to secure user’s personal information.

Article 10: Security

The server for PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore is secured by RapidSSL Digital Certificate. You will see that PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore is indeed owned and operated by BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.

Please rest assured that all the personal information you entered on this Website, which includes those required to place an order and send an enquiry as well as your User ID and Password, have been encrypted and safely transmitted to us through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

Please make sure and Sign Out after every session especially if you're using a public computer, so as to safeguard your Password and other essential information against unauthorized access.

Article 11: Disclaimer

1. The Company shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury (including loss of profit or indirect, consequential, incidental, special, exemplary or punitive loss or damage) that may occur and caused or suffered by the User in relation to the access to or use of the website.
2. The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User for not being able to use the Service; or any error or defect arising in connection with the website or the Service; or any purchase or delivery.
3. The Company shall not be responsible for its content, function or other data specified or revealed in the website. All information, content, materials and products (include its software) and this Service is provided as is and based on existing infrastructure.
4. The Company shall not be responsible for any costs, expenses or data restoration of any kind in connection with using the website, such situations shall include but not limited to:-
a. Situation when problems regarding content (including normalcy, accuracy, reliability, marketability and adaptability for a specific purpose) on the website occur.
b. Situation when there is/are thing(s) deemed harmful such as virus on the website or server.
c. Situation when problems occur in sending and receiving data on each site.
5. Any User causes any damage to another User or a third party in connection to the use of the website and the Service, that User shall fully responsible for the all costs or expenses to resolve the matter, and the Company shall not be liable for such damage or responsible for any costs whatsoever.

Article 12: Warranties and Indemnities

Unless otherwise expressly written, the Company shall make no representations or warranties, express or implied or any form thereof, to the operation of the website and any information, content, materials, products (including software), or Service provided in this website. Users agree to be solely responsible for any risks in relation to the use of this website.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Company and its related companies do not make any express or implied promise or guarantee, including but not limited to an implied warranty for merchantability and for satisfying a particular purpose. The Company and its related companies do not guarantee the content in the website or all information, contents, materials, products (including software) and services provided through this website by other means or its server or the electronic mail delivered from this website free from viruses or other harmful elements

Unless otherwise expressly written, the Company shall not be liable for any damages caused due to the use of the website and all its content contained therein or all information, contents, materials, products (including software) and services provided through this website by other means or in connection with the purchase and use the products sold through this website.

Article 13: Link to other websites

The Company has made no representation regarding the content of any other website which you may access through this website. We do not accept any responsibility for the content or use of those non-PREMIUM BANDAI SINGAPORE website.

Article 14: Force Majeure

The Company shall not be liable for non-performance, error, interruption or delay in the performance of its obligations under the terms and conditions hereunder in connection with the use of this website and its Service or purchase of the products in the website if this is due to circumstances, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, beyond our reasonable control.

Article 15: Governing Law & Jurisdiction

This website is governed and interpreted by the laws of Singapore.
The courts of Singapore shall have a non-exclusive jurisdiction over any proceedings against the Company arising out of or in connection with any dispute over this User Agreement.


Part 2: Membership

Article 1. Member Registration

If you wish to become member, you should go to the Member Registration page of this service to fill in the member registration application following the instruction as stated by the Company, where each person can obtain one membership ID free of charge.

Member registration will be admitted with the arrival of an e-mail from the company stating that the registration is complete. It may take some time before registration is complete.

When any of the following circumstances occur, the Company would refuse or cancel its member registration.
(1) Users had its PREMIUM BANDAI Member registration cancelled or deleted due to the violation of the terms and conditions hereunder.
(2) The registration information provided by the applicant is false.
(3) Considered by the as inappropriate to approval the Member registration application for any other reasonable grounds.

Article 2. Using the Service

The Member shall use the Service according to the terms and conditions of this User Agreement.

Article 3. Purchase Products

Only Member can use this Service to purchase the products or the Service (hereinafter “the Product”).

If Member wishes to purchase the Products, the Member shall place order to the Product according to the procedure as specified by the Company.

The sales agreement in respect of the purchased Product shall be valid at the time when Member settles the Product amount in full. The Company shall have the right to revoke the acceptance to the order before the sale agreement become valid; except otherwise regulated by the law.

The Company does not accept any cancellation of an order of the Product by the Member for any reasons; except otherwise regulated by the law.

The Company shall make its best effort to publish the correct Product information, however, Member place the order for the Product in the case the listed price is incorrect, and the Company will inform that Member the revision before the sales agreement is complete, and will reconfirm with that Member whether the Product be purchased with the amended price.

If Member doing illegal or inappropriate acts when using the Service, the Company shall have the right to cancel the sale agreement unilaterally, but the Member shall still be responsible for the payment obligations.

If the sum of the transaction is considered exceptionally high or unusual order(s) is/are found, the Company would subject to the conditions proactively contact to the Member and/or pause ban the Member account in order to protect the interests of Member.

The delivery address of the purchased products through this Service restricted to the Singapore region.

The Company shall not be accountable or responsible for any failure to receive the purchase order from the Member due to the problem of network connection or any other reasons not related to the Company.

Article 4. Delivery of Products

Products will be delivered through appointed express delivery company. Otherwise, the shipping fee shall be borne by the Member according to the terms and conditions of the sales agreement and this Agreement.

Upon the receipt of the Member’s order by the Company, we would deliver through appointed express delivery company according to the address and delivery time as prescribed by the Member during the order placement.

The delivery date as stated in the order placement is for reference only. The delivery date of the Product may change due to some reasons or may delay in delivery due to the shortage of stock, and the Company shall not be responsible for any compensation under this condition. Time of delivery is not of essence.

Member shall have to pay for the shipping fee, administrative charge and any fee incurred due to the loss suffered by the Company when the Member refuse to accept the Product which order is made on payment upon delivery method.

Please note that some products are come with boxes (including packaging box). The purpose of the paper box is for protecting the inner product only and does not form part of the product or package of the product.

If the Product is returned by the appointed express delivery company to the Company for any reason, the customer service department of the Company would contact to the Member at her soonest, and if the Company fail to contact with the Member or fail to receive the reply from the Member successfully upon 30 days after the notification is made, it shall be deemed to have forfeited the right to retrieve the returned Product. The Company reserve all rights of disposal for those Returned Product and the right to recover for all expenses arisen thereof. The Company may suspend the Member account and cancel the Service available to such Member.

Article 5. Payment Method

The total sum for the Product includes the price, shipping cost, handling fee and sales tax.
Payment of the purchased Product through this Service can be settled by credit card of that Member, or other payment methods as stated by the Company.

If the Product amount is settled by credit card, Member shall observe the conditions made under the agreement between the Member and the credit card company.

The Company may contact to the credit card company to verify the Product fee settled by the credit card. During the period before the delivery and after the order is placed, the Company may contact to the credit card company again to verify the Product fee. In case the Company is informed the credit card is invalid, the sale agreement shall not be concluded and the Product would not be purchased, while the Company would not be responsible for any related obligations and compensation.

Article 6. Product Return

Unless otherwise Product contain the manufacturing defects or any other conditions as prescribed by the law, the Company shall not accept the cancellation of the sales agreement, return or exchange of Product due to any reasons.

Pursuant to Article 4, packaging or delivery boxes are for the protection of the product only and shall not form part of the product. The Company do not accept any exchange, replacement or return for any damage, taint, tears or broken, for whatever reason, of those boxes.

Should you find any defect in the product, please contact the Company within 7 days of receipt including clear close-up photos of the defective parts with a detailed explanation.

The Company shall contact the Member according to the contact information provided by the Member and would deliver the Product to the designated address when the order placement is made.

Member shall observe the rules as stated herein when return the Product.

Article 7. Product Exemption

Color and the Appearance of the Product might appear slightly different due to the difference on the computer screen setting. Some product images, especially for Pre-Order and Made-To-Order items, shown on this website are of trial models and therefore prototypes are subject to change without prior notice. Such discrepancy between the prototype and the final model is not considered as a defect, and return of the product cannot be accepted.

The Company shall make its best effort to provide correct, complete and latest Product description and details but would have no warranty to free from mistakes.

The Company is not responsible for any reason claiming payment, for the use of this service, or any damage, loss or disadvantage deriving from the use of this service and sales of the product on this service.

Products being released in Singapore carry characters’ copyright and safety signs to comply with necessary conditions. Please take note before making a purchase.

Article 8. Premium Bandai Club Point

PREMIUM BANDAI Club points redemption rule (hereinafter the “rule”)

Member will be awarded PREMIUM BANDAI Club points in each purchase on PREMIUM BANDAI. The point awarded is calculated at a designated ratio in proportionate with the listed price of the product.

A PREMIUM BANDAI Club point is exclusively managed by the Company and only applicable to PREMIUM BANDAI website ( subject to relevant terms and conditions. All PREMIUM BANDAI Club point is not transferable, assignable, for sales or sharing to any person or institution.

PREMIUM BANDAI Club point is only valid for a year from the date of issuance of point; date of issuance of point is the date on which the point earned from the latest purchase available on your account. Within the validity period, members may redeem gifts. All PREMIUM BANDAI Club point will be automatically forfeited after the expired date.

PREMIUM BANDAI Club point is only applicable to redeem designated gifts and not for the redemption of any product or cash. All redeemed gifts are for personal use only and not for commercial or any unauthorized purposes.

The Company may, from time to time, change or suspend the redemption of limited gifts or part of, in <PREMIUM BANDAI Club Point Redemption Plan> on the base of inventory and improvement of service.

PREMIUM BANDAI is entitled to reject an order if the product is out of stock. Member may consider making a pre-order registration. The company will strive to meet user’s satisfaction in no time. The Company will notify the User once the Product is back in stock. A product pre-order registration is not treated as an order and thereby is not construed as an offer.

Only after the conclusion of a sales agreement, will the user be entitled to the corresponding PREMIUM BANDAI points of the purchase. Point will be added automatically to the user’s account once order was shipped. No point will be awarded for any cancellation of order. In case of returns of product, the corresponding point will be deducted accordingly. For any reasons, if a membership being removed, deleted, terminated or suspended, all the relevant PREMIUM BANDAI Club points will be suspended, cancelled or deducted.

The Company is entitled to terminate, all or part of, the rule unilaterally or terminates one’s membership without prior notification. The failure of the Company to insist upon strict compliance of the rule shall not be constituted as a waiver of the Company to enforce its rights. A user will lose all corresponding privilege as a member, if his or her membership is being removed. A user shall have no claims, including a claim for damage against the Company in connection with the removal of membership.

Except any restriction or exception expressly specified in this Agreement, under no circumstance, the Company, its directors, management, employees, parent company, subsidiary, agent or affiliated company or other representatives, to the extent permitted by Hong Kong law, shall be liable for any, direct or incidental, special, consequential, or punitive loss or damage in connection with or arising from this Agreement. The liability of the Company, irrespective of contract, representation, tort (including negligence) or other liability, shall not exceed the total amount of the product. This limitation of liability is applicable to the fullest extent permitted by law, and shall survive after the disqualification or expiration of membership.

This Company shall have rights to suspend service, terminate Member’s account and withdraw, all or part of, PREMIUM BANDAI Club point without prior notification if Member falls into one of the following circumstances:-
(1) Membership has been terminated previously as a result of violation of this Agreement;
(2) Failure to make payable sum three days after the due days without reasonable ground;
(3) Breach of any of the behavior specified in Clause 10 (Prohibition Clause);
(4) The Service not being used for more than a year; or
(5) Breach of this Agreement or other regulations of PREMIUM BANDAI.

If a membership is being withdrawn as a result of any of the above reason(s), he or she cannot use the Service provided under Clause 3, lest the Member is still liable to make payable sum for the product and Service.

Established July 7, 2016
Updated September 22, 2016



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