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  • Using Your Points

    You can earn Premium Points by purchasing a product or participating in various events/campaigns through Premium BANDAI.
    Please check product detail pages to find out how many Points you can receive.
    Go to My Page to check how many Points you have earned so far.
    (Click here to check now)

    Points for purchased items will be fixed, at the earliest, on the next day of delivery.
    Points cannot be used until they are fixed.
    For Premium Points to be granted by participating in various promotional campaigns, please check the details of each campaign.

    [ How to Use Premium Points ]
    As you proceed with the order process, you will be asked to choose whether you would like to use your Points toward your payment.
    Please select "Use all Points" or enter the amount you wish to use.

    One Premium Point can be used as 1 Yen. 確認待ち
    Ex) If you are using 100 Points for a purchase of 1,000 Yen, your payment will be:
    1,000 Yen - 100 Points (100 Yen) = 900 Yen確認待ち
  • Important Notes

    Point Expiration

    Your Premium Points will expire within a year from the day after your last use/earning.
    As long as you either use or earn Premium Points (or even just place an order), you will have another year before your Points expire.

    How Do I Receive Points?

    Your Premium Points will expire within a year from the day after your last use/earning.
    Please note that the timing of Point receipt may differ by each campaign.
     Be sure to check details of each campaign before applying.

    (The timing of Point receipt may also delay due to payment and delivery status.)
    No Points will be given toward shipping and handling fees.
  • When Returning Defective Product

    - Defective products will be replaced with the same product you purchased.
    - No cancellation or returnining will be accepted.

    In case the purchase was made using the Point and the product was returned due to defects, the applied Points will be returned to the user as well.
    Points regarding the defective products
    1. When returning a product, the associated Points will also be cancelled.
    2. When you used your Points gained from your previous purchase on your current purchase, but you wish to return your previous purchase, we can only return the amount from which used Points were subtracted.
    3. When returning a product purchased with the Points, the refund (of Points) will be made to the member.
    4. When you wish to return a portion of your batch purchase, our refund will be made first in cash and the rest will be in Points.
      Ex) Purchased two items costing 600 JPY and 400 JPY (Total 1,000 JPY). 確認待ち
         Used 500 Points and paid 500 JPY in cash.
         Decided to return 600 JPY product.確認待ち
         Of 600 JPY to be refunded, 500 will be in cash and 100 will be in Points.


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