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  • FAQs

      [ About Membership ]
    • I forgot my ID / Password.
    • I want to change my User Information.
    • Do I need to become a member to purchase?
    • I changed my email address. Can I still sign in?
    • I cannot set my User ID / Password.

      [ About Shipment ]
    • How can I designate (or change) shipping address/delivery date for orders I already made?
    • How soon (or far) can I designate my delivery date?
    • When will I receive my order?

      [ About Payment ]
    • When will my purchase be billed?
    • Can I change my credit card information after ordering?

      [ About Emails / e-Newsletters ]
    • What are the unusable characters for Inquiry Form
    • I never seem to receive any email notifications from PREMIUM BANDAI Hong Kong.
    • I don't receive any e-Newsletter.

      [ About Shopping ]
    • Can I order by phone call or mail?
    • Can I cancel my order, or exchange/return my purchase?

  • General Enquiry

    Please contact us via Inquiry Form here for general questions such as:
    Shopping, Membership Registration, e-Newsletter, trouble with the Website.
    - Please understand that we may not be able to answer certain questions.
    - We hope this FAQ list will provide a good reference.
  • Shipment Enquiry

    Please contact us via Inquiry Form here about shipping address, delivery date, and so on.
  • Product Enquiry

    Please contact BANDAI Customer Service Center for inquiries regarding how-to, product defects, and repairing.

    PREMIUM BANDAI Hong Kong Help Desk here.



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