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Conditions on using the website

This website (hereafter "PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore ") is operated by BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE LTD or its associate company. As PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore lists various information and data, all contents on this website is limited in its use. Please make sure to read the conditions carefully before using. If each individual site has its own regulation of use, please be sure to read beforehand.

● Restrictions on the use of data.

1) Characters and design, as well as charts, video, music, sound, text, games and programs on the PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore (termed data) are entirely protected by copyright law (or neighboring rights) by BANDAI or the copyright owners with permission by BANDAI.

2) Data is only allowed downloading under the following conditions.
  (1) Only when the purpose of use is either for non-profit or personal reasons.
  (2) Only for home-use or use within the household, for a single computer and a single copy.
  (3) Only when all the copyrights, trademarks or other rights displayed is shown on the preserved data.

3) Please mind that the following use is not permitted.
  (1) Installing the downloaded data to another computer.
  (2) Copying, revising, editing the downloaded data, or distributing, selling, reverse engineering, decompiling, de-assembling or transferring to other readable formats.
For example, such acts include altering the data of downloaded characters, uploading the data on your own website, printing and distributing it to others.

4) The use of downloaded data is only allowed within the non-exclusive using condition permitted, and is not accountable for the transfer of rights.

5) If the using condition is violated, BANDAI has the right to cancel permission for using the data. In which case, the use of data will immediately be suspended, and all downloaded data and copies will be erased.

6) Regardless of whether BANDAI cancels its permission of use, if the data is used without BANDAI's permission (otherwise approved under copyright law) or aside from personal use, the user will be violating copyright (or neighboring rights). Please be advised that violation of copyright is illegal, and not only will the user be filed for suspension for violating the rights of the holder, but will be subject to strict critical penalty (a maximum of a three year jail sentence or a maximum fine of a million yen).

7) The PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore is based out of Japan but is protected by domestic laws, such as the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and the Universal Copyright Convention, in overseas countries where the PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore is provided.
Illegal use of data overseas will still infringe on copyright law.

● Exemptions

BANDAI is not responsible, in any way, be it specified or revealed, for its content, function or other data.
BANDAI is not responsible for damages, cost allocation, restoring data of any kind when the following situations occur (but not limited to) when using the site.


 (1) When problems regarding content (including normalcy, accuracy, reliability, marketability and adaptability for a specific purpose) on the website.
  (2) For things deemed harmful such as virus on the website or server.
  (3) When problems occur in sending and receiving data on each site.

● Application of law

Interpretation on the conditions of use is based on Japanese law.
Even when such using conditions are translated to another language, the Japanese interpretation will be prioritized.
Any lawsuit against the PREMIUM BANDAI Singapore will be brought to the exclusive jurisdiction of the first hearing in Japan's Tokyo District Court.

● Notes on writing on the forum

The forum installed in each site is allocated for exchanging information between users or between the user and administrator based on the purpose of each site.
Therefore, writing on the following topics and expressions is not permitted. If BANDAI NAMCO SINGAPORE PTE LTD sees that what is written on the forum are of those topics impermissible, the topics will be deleted without notice.

(Topics not permitted)
  (1) Topics and expressions slandering the third party.
  (2) Topics and expressions deemed obscene or criminal. Topics and expressions violating public disorder and standards of decency.
  (3) Topics and expressions violating the privacy of others.
  (4) Topics and expressions harming social honor and trust of others.
  (5) Posting of private information such as address, name, phone number and e-mail address.
  (6) Topics and expressions political or religious, or those in this manner.
  (7) Other topics and expressions BANDAI judges as inappropriate to the purpose of the forum.



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