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Regarding recent enquires on whether this product is able to access the service of Japan DIGIMON WEB, we would like to clarify as below:

1. The content of this product is same as the Japanese ver.
2. The service of DIGIMON WEB is only for Japan. It does not support any other regions.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery]

DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery] DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery] DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery]
DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery] DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery] DIGIMON VER. 20TH [August 2017 Delivery]
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: 2017/03/27 23:59
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: 2017/08/25
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Product Detail

It all starts here...

The legendary Digimon Portable LCD Game is finally back

Item Description

In order to celebrate Digital Monster 20th anniversary, a new version of Digivice is going to be released and will have “original brown” and “original grey” two colours.

The portable Digivice allows players to enjoy breeding Digimon in the reality. For the new Digivice 20th, it also improves a lot on the “Digimon database” ”Bred& Digivolution” “ConnectWEB connect” functions!

Start of Pre-order

7th March 2017

End of Pre-order

27th March 2017

Estimated Delivery Date

August 2017

Set Content

Main Body x1

Item Material

Main Body: ABS、PC、synthetic rubber

Item Dimension

Main Body: W 58mm x H 41mm x D 15mm
※The above data is captured during development and may differ from the actual product.

Targeting Age

15 or above

Battery Used

CR2032×1 ※The battery included is for testing purpose only


 Important Notice Before Purchase 


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The delivery date may be adjusted according to the pre-order situation.


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Pre-order Limitation

6pcs per each color per purchase



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